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Happy New Year (The Song)

by The Whistles and The Bells

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"Happy New Year (The Song)" is the first of many celebratory anthems from the slow-leaking collection "Songs for Holidays with No Songs Vol. 1 (*or very few)"..Further sonic celebratory typhoons will be released on corresponding dates of other such song-less holidays.


Happy New Year

Didn't it fly right by like a passing train
Didn’t we see a lotta sunshine, sure saw a lot of rain
Now we’re tearing the calendar down off the refrigerator
Lost a lot of good people this year
Now we’re blowing party favors
There’s no sooner there’s no later

3, 2, 1 at the top of our lungs
Spike the punch and stumble thru Auld Lang Syne
And try our best to pretend we didn’t procrastinate too much
We just ran out of time
A better version of ourselves
Waits own them morning bells
But it’s fare thee well
Cause now it's gone, ain’t coming back
We’re a little drunk, a little sad
Happy New year

Tonight we’re guzzling all kinds of poisons bad for our health
Tomorrow we’ll be back at the gym in new jumpsuits
trying to get our bodies well
With all them pesky resolutions
Screaming at like us like a drill sergeant all damn day
They’re gonna turn their guns on us in a month or two
In a firing squad of shame
Feel the burn, feel the pain

3, 2, 1 at the top of our lungs
Spike the punch and stumble thru auld lang syne
And try our best to pretend we didn’t procrastinate too much
We just ran outta time
Since the dawning of man
We’ve been sinking like sand
They say that you can learn a lot from the past
But who’s got time for looking back
Happy New year

Hope springs eternal, the earth more thermal, the soil more fertile for a nasty war
My biggest fear this year it ain’t terrorists, or the wrong president,
But spending a minute of it bored
Life should not be a chore

3, 2, 1 at the top of our lungs
Lay a kiss on someone and sing auld lang
Say a prayer for me and ill pray for you
Lord knows we could use the help tonight
Do we got one foot in the grave?
Or are we coming of age?
Only time can say
Let’s just raise a glass and make a toast
That the years keep rolling but we never get old
Happy new year

written by BigB


released January 1, 2017
Produced and performed by BigB + MOM + "Eddie"
additional vocals: Febe
additional musicians: a Robot "Rhythm Ace" named "Lefty"
engineered by "Eddie"
recorded at Big Light Studios in a blinding fury



all rights reserved


The Whistles and The Bells Nashville, Tennessee

The Whistles & The Bells is the nome de song of Nashville-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bryan Simpson. His debut full-length album (New West Records, 2015) is an accomplished effort that threads together rousing indie rock, southern folk, gritty alt-country and gospel to create a rich musical tapestry that matches the intense soul searching of his evocative and poetic lyrics. ... more

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